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Since March 2000, we are the company BIBO - Brandschutz in the area of Structural fire protection, fire protection consulting and installation industry operates. Our company is located in Essel, a place in the Samtgemeinde Schwarmstedt, north of Hanover, just off the A7 motorway.

Especially the Expo 2000 in Hanover and their sideshows, such as the Autostadt Wolfsburg, have contributed to the rise of the company. Repeat business from Telekom AG, Volkswagen, German Post AG, various hospitals and authorities, the general contractor of the construction industry, eg Hochtief, etc. we can post permanently until today.

Since then, the number of employees increased to the current level of 8 technicians who are all in German and have a bauhandwerkliche training with years of professional experience. Our  project manager work together with our clerk for a smooth customer service from initial inquiry to project completion.

Our success is a high flexibility combined with the high quality of workmanship that we constantly adjust through regular training of our employees with the manufacturers of fire protection products (eg. B. Hilti, Promat, Würth) the prior art. Among others, we are professional publisher for PROMAT constructional fire protection. Our company and employees are registered with the DIBT as fire protection experts and certified.

Our warehouse and logistics capacities are dimensioned so that we can serve other businesses with fire protection materials now has its own requirements. This includes not only the usual plate of Promat materials, plasterboard and Knauf include fire protection coatings and mortars of various manufacturers as well as various accessories, eg Pipe collars, fire protection silicone and the like. Also plates and profiles for drywall can be found here.

The now fifteen years of experience in structural fire protection, it also enables us to develop solutions that go beyond the standards and implement.

As part of this expansion, our company name has changed:

Since 2014, we 01.September hot BIBO - Brandschutz GmbH.